So I found a box of stuff from my childhood...

...and at the bottom of a box that once contained bottles of sauce bound for Kwik Save, I discovered some rather cringeworthy pieces of 'artwork'. It seems 6 year old me wanted prisoners trapped in holes for some reason.

Apologies: My spelling is atrocious.

Fact of the Day: Instant Coffee

When I was a kid, my parents drank Nescafe Gold Blend. It was the 80s, the Gold Blend adverts were all the rage and I guess that even though I was a kid, I was still suckered into the decadent opulence offered by drinking this poncy brew.

Nescafe Gold Blend coupleNine year old me had been 'allowed' (now here's some clever parenting) to make my parents and any adult guests brews, and even now I still pride myself on being able to make a good coffee. Nine year old me however, loved nothing more than being the first to pop the foil on a brand new jar of Gold Blend and smelling the delicious coffee aroma.

So imagine my disappointment when I discovered that the aroma is nothing more than a clever marketing trick: When the instant coffee granules are put in the jar, they are then blasted with a 'coffee smell' before sealing, ensuring that the customer can enjoy that aroma when they break the foil. The smell does not affect the granules and will not last- it really is just there for those first few seconds. And man, I feel cheated.